Rapticore team

About Us

We are based in San Francisco and love ‘Karl the Fog’, but we come from all over the world to call this place our home.

Our mission is to create solutions that will revolutionize Cybersecurity. Rapticore is by security professionals for the security industry. We intend to solve the challenging problems we faced in our security careers. All of us at Rapticore have multiple years of experience in leadership, Security Operations, and Management.

Our core values are of inclusiveness, diversity, and putting people and beings first. We strive to practice impactful kindness and compassion. Can we say World Peace? Yes, we can.

The Team

Ahsan Mir

CEO and Co-Founder

Ahsan has extensive Cybersecurity Operations, Engineering, and Leadership experience. Ahsan holds post-graduate degrees in Computer Science and Information Security and is a visiting faculty member and advisor at Merritt College, Oakland. Ahsan enjoys trail running, hiking, climbing, Jujutsu, reading, meditations, feeding birds and occassionally jumps out of perfectly good planes. Ahsan has an adorable 13 year dog.

Chris Houlder

Board Member and Advisor

Chris is an accomplished executive leader with decades of leadership success and experience as a CISO driving information security transformation and operations. Chris’s professional history is complemented by a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from the University of San Francisco. He enjoys overlanding, hiking, camping, and photography.

Ashar Ahmad

VP Engineering

Ashar has a broad research, engineering, and management expertise in information systems. He has served as a team lead on multiple projects that involved the development of large-scale enterprise software systems. Ashar has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and his research interests include blockchains, distributed computing, and networks. Ashar enjoys CrossFit and loves traveling.

Rick Bowen

Cloud Architect

Rick has broad and deep experience in Cloud and Application Architecture, DevOps, and Security. Relentless curiosity and an insatiable desire to learn has led to a variety of roles, from full-stack development, enterprise operations, to DevSecOps and more. Rick enjoys mountain biking, bare-foot gardening, and tinkering in the garage at home with his wife, two adorable sons, the dog, and four cats in the Sierra Nevada Foothills.

Trupal Patel


Trupal Patel is a computational engineer with a passion for technology, innovation and security. He holds Bachelor and Post-graduate degree in Computer Science and believes a well-delivered technology renders a new culture. Ideally, he will be found delivering solutions to clients using nothing more than a MacBook Pro, raw creativity and determination.

Zach Gottensen

Engineering Summer Intern

Zach is an undergraduate in Computer Science at the University of California Santa Cruz. He is semi-pro cyclist and can be followed on Strava for his 100 plus miles bike rides. Zach is a cat lover.

Constantin Chirila

UX and UI Designer

Constantin is a multi-skilled designer and front-end developer. Constantin is keenly interested in the intersect design and engineering to build great products with slick UIs. He loves transforming ideas into digital products, creating products that are easy to use, and enriching users' experience. Constantin enjoys photography, hiking, and tinkering with technology.



Yin has a Master's degree in Computer Science and is passionate about building quality code. Yin's primarily focus is on Front End development. Yin loves to play soccer and hanging out with friends when he is not coding.

Shubhada Paranjape

Program Manangement

Shubhada has multiple years of experience in product development and management. She is the command center that keeps everyone on track. Rapticore will not be where it is without her efforts and insights.

Zeeshan Zubair


Zeeshan has a bachelor's in Computer Science. He is an avid traveler and loves reading.