Democratizing security is the best way to scale security

Many solutions provide a slice of the picture of cloud applications and infrastructure and their overall cybersecurity risk. This at best provides a fragmented, siloed view that forces everyone involved to do a lot of tedious extra work to understand and remediate risk. Much of that work bottlenecks around overtaxed security specialists. And, even worse, the results are often stale by the time you have them.

Cybersecurity Observability breaks these data and capability siloes. It makes it possible for Engineering, DevOps, and Security teams of all skill levels to understand complex, evolving cloud environments and directly contribute to improving security in their daily workflows.

Rapticore's platform detects and builds relationships between applications, infrastructure, deployed code and vulnerability findings so that you don’t have to. And it does that automatically, keeping up with your continually changing environment.

Key Features


  • Automated, Agentless Applications and Repositories Discovery and Inventory
    • Gives you constantly updated visibility into your cloud-native applications, infrastructure and key metadata. Get accurate information every time you need it.
  • Cloud Resource Inventory
    • Easily search across your accounts and resources and drill down into details quickly. Breaks the partition silos of AWS Management Console and APIs.
  • Automated Threat Modeling
    • Scales your workforce and reduces workloads. Focus your overtaxed security experts on higher priority tasks.


  • Real-Time Application Architecture Diagrams
    • Drives shared understanding and accelerates collaboration without all the manual work. Interactive diagrams allow you to quickly explore system components, configuration and relationships for architecture reviews, GDPR compliance and more.
  • Security hotspot overlays
    • Provides an interactive, drill-down overlay to application architecture to see where vulnerabilities exist that takes the guesswork out of what to fix where and how.
  • Access Monitoring
    • Tracks users, roles and groups activity. Makes it easy to find and remove unused and inactive access users, roles and/or groups and right-size access to services across all accounts.


  • Dynamic Risk Calculation
    • Continuously provides severity-adjusted analysis of your overall risk down to the individual components. Frees you to spend your time making decisions and taking action.
  • Prioritized Notifications
    • Alert teams on on key infrastructure, security, and configuration changes and findings.


  • Automated configuration checks
    • Provides detailed remediation steps for detected findings. Fix vulnerabilities quickly.
  • Generated right-sized access policies
    • Generates custom policies based on actual usage to secure your infrastructure. Takes the complexity and tedious pain out of access management.



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