Meet the Team

Ahsan Mir

CEO and Co-Founder

Ahsan has extensive Cybersecurity Operations, Engineering, and Leadership experience. Ahsan holds post-graduate degrees in Computer Science and Information Security and is a visiting faculty member and advisor at Merritt College, Oakland. Ahsan enjoys trail running, hiking, climbing, Jujutsu, reading, playing guitar, meditations, feeding birds and occassionally jumps out of perfectly good planes. Ahsan has an adorable 13 year dog.

Mark W. Foster

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder

Mark started out as a research scientist in optoelectronic bio-sensing holding a Master’s degree in Physics from U.C. San Diego. His career spans the world of systems and database admin, IT infrastructure, Enterprise computing, APIs, and SaaS and Distributed Systems as a developer, architect and strategist. He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay area, plays some guitar, hikes sporadically, and collaborates on the odd project in the API space.

Chris Houlder

Board Member and Advisor

Chris is an accomplished executive leader with decades of leadership success and experience as a CISO driving information security transformation and operations. Chris’s professional history is complemented by a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from the University of San Francisco. He enjoys overlanding, hiking, camping, and photography.

Ashar Ahmad

VP Engineering

Ashar has a broad research, engineering, and management expertise in information systems. He has served as a team lead on multiple projects that involved the development of large-scale enterprise software systems. Ashar has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and his research interests include blockchains, distributed computing, and networks. Ashar enjoys CrossFit and loves traveling.

Constantin Chirila

Front End Designer

Constantin is a multi-skilled designer and front-end developer. Constantin is keenly interested in the intersect design and engineering to build great products with slick UIs. He loves transforming ideas into digital products, creating products that are easy to use, and enriching users' experience. Constantin enjoys photography, hiking, and tinkering with technology.

Daria Grudzien

Site Reliability Engineer

Daria works on making sure that engineering teams have sufficient tooling, procedures and knowledge to deploy, operate, and fix production systems. She holds a degree in Cognitive Science and is particularly interested in how human minds interact with complex systems. When not working, Daria can be found hiking, sailing or falling headfirst into snow while snowboarding.

Naveed Ashraf

Software Engineer

Naveed Ashraf is a senior software engineer with over 14 years of experience developing and maintaining web applications. He has strong analytical and problem solving skills and is passionate to undertake challenging jobs. In his free time, Naveed loves spending time with his family, and working in his garden growing plants and flowers.

Przemyslaw Kalisiewicz

Front End Engineer

Przemyslaw is a passionate front-end engineer with over 3 years of experience. Big fan of React.js, JavaScript, TypeScript. Apart from coding, my other passions are rap music, craft beer. As a hobby, he likes baking bread, collecting memes (have around 1500 already saved in the gallery), and buying gadgets.

Sadaf Ahmed

Software Engineer

Sadaf is a committed professional with academic excellence and professional experience of working with the Telecommunications Industry and Academia. She is passionate about software technology and its application to research and design. She believes in learning and adding value to the environments she is in

Shubhada Paranjape

Program Manangement

Shubhada has multiple years of experience in product development and management. She is the command center that keeps everyone on track. Rapticore will not be where it is without her efforts and insights.

Zeeshan Ahmad

Software Engineer

Zeeshan started his professional journey in 2016 after graduation. He is fervent learner of new technologies and love to do coding. He is enjoying javascript now a days. He loves to do gardening in his spare time and have collection of some rare plants.

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